Our best images and videos of 2023

Take a look back at the pivotal moments of 2023 across news, sports, entertainment, and more. 

Tradition, Tragedy, Transition, Triumph: The essence of 2023

As world events unfolded, Getty Images’ photographers, videographers, and editors produced moving stories covering the challenges to and the determination of the human spirit. From global conflicts, devastating climate events, and continued economic upheaval, this year had a significant impact on the world’s morale. Amidst these poignant narratives, 2023 was also a place of celebration, hope, and change. Athletes captivated record‑breaking audiences globally. Entertainment dazzled and epitomized artistic brilliance with industry voices championing equity and fair representation.

While editorial events grabbed daily headlines, innovation and authenticity in the creative space were also on full display. Through our leading content creators and our VisualGPS insights, we showcased genuine human connection as well as the blending of creativity and technology through responsible AI image generation—all helping to shape the future of visual storytelling for our customers globally.